Business Coaching For Trade & Service Businesses

Business Coaching For Trade & Service Businesses

We were fortunate to be able to engage the TBS team just at the right time. They’ve given us the confidence and direction to take our business to the next level.” Get hours of your time back, feel in control, and be able to focus on what’s really important. Boost your profit and get more cash in the bank to start making the money you deserve. Learn exactly what you should do to achieve your goals and grow your company. A great business coach for builders may be just what you need.

You’ll learn how to systematise your operations so your trades people do the work to the same quality you would, with less supervision from you. But leveraging an entire team of specialist coaches is what will fast-track your path to success. Your family, business, and friends all depend on you to be a leader for their success.

This proven, step-by-step system will ensure your business is built for performance and control. I am one of two children born and raised on a diary farm in the rural village of Whitikahu, New Zealand. My childhood was that of a typical rural kid, early mornings on the farm, lots of time outside and plenty of animals/pets which taught me right from the get-go how to be responsible for someone other than myself.

I did something new recently. I took a break and gave one of my jobs to my lead tradie. They will work with you to transform your knowledge, skills, and business operations so that you can be the master of your business. This includes the small details right down totime management skillsanddetermining an hourly rate. Please take the time to read this. Too many tradie business owners believe that in order to make it big financially, they must sell more. Lifestyle Tradie membership is for trade business owners in all trade industries who want to start, scale up, or sell up.

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  • At least 20% of your time should be spent ‘on’ the company. If your business relies on you doing all the work, you’ll never be able to take a break or get off the tools without it affecting your income. You’ll need to build a team and develop systems and KPI’s to keep them on track.

    My wife and our four children are a huge reason why I do what I do. One of our sons has a life-threatening medical condition, which puts life and business in perspective. Even though you may not be working in a corporate office, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon the professional standards. Clients are watching every aspect of your business, from the quality of work to the pleasantness of the exchanges.

    Glenn is able to coach as hard or as easy as you want, while still requiring some accountability from the person receiving coaching. Start the process of deciding is right for you. But if that’s you, we’d love to have a chat to see it’s worth our time having a closer look at what you do and to find ways we could help.

    He covered many important topics for small businesses in a very short session. I recently attended the Trades Inspired Seminar in Sydney. I am a Bookkeeper I assist Trade Business’s with their Internal Business Systems. I found Glenn’s Seminar, not only very informative and accurate, but if you are looking for some inspiration and drive to get your self going then these seminars are for you. I could clearly see Glenn’s wide knowledge and understanding of Trade Business’s. I believe Glenn would be an excellent Business Partner for any Tradie wishing to take their Business to the next level.

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    Boutique builders have to deal with subcontractors and maintain profit margins. Plumbers face different challenges. They also have to deal with employees and choosing when to grow the team. Our coaching, mentoring and growth services are exclusively for tradie businesses. He has been instrumental in recording the longest period of growth in a very long time. As a company, our confidence has increased.

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  • BUT the process of running Burger Fuel was a brutal introduction to business. I was fortunate to lecture and tutor undergraduate programs whilst at University. Teaching reinforced my love of learning and was a fantastic experience. I considered a career in academia, but decided that I enjoy making money. Customers should consider how likely they are not to recommend you to a friend if you have done a good job.